Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heart2Heart: Behind the Scenes

Uploaded by on Oct 23, 2011

Ok so Heart2Heart is back again

Trying to make us all really big fans

They try so hard to act so cute

But mostly I just want to put them on MUTE

Enough of that rhyming. I don't want to completely hate them. They act really cute in this video, but it just seems like they are stealing so much from K-pop. But why would they even want to steal from K-pop? Are they just trying to make fun of the American fans? Are they trying to make fun of the whole genre of music? They are way over doing it with their mop heads and crazy outfits I think. I can't wait for them to release another music video, I want to see exactly where they are going with all of this craziness. I'll keep laughing at them I'm sure.

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