Monday, June 29, 2009


It's random Youtube Video Monday again! Here is a video of a kid freaking out.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


So yesterday I went to the mall, with a mission. I was going to buy something expensive and awesome. I had $367. My journey began.

First I got a weird T-shirt

I don't know, I like vampires {not Twilight though, never read it}

Then I got a hoodie.
I like the strips on it. I have a thing for red an black together.

Then we went to the T-mobile kiosk and bugged the man about the new myTouch phone.

He wouldn't tell us anything. Not even how much it costs. Apparently no one knows. That's great T-Mobile! Don't tell us anything about your phone. See how many people will buy it. *angry face*

Then I finally went and got my big purchase for the day. Those of you following me on Twitter {all of you} already know what that purchase was!


Well not really, but a pony would be awesome. Really this is what I got.

A Lenovo Netbook! Costing me $299, I finished my day of extreme mall shopping. Hurray!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Playing FFX too much

I think...I'm becoming a part of the game...
Also, I have too much free time on my hands.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Angelic Wings Part 1

It's Short Story Thursday again! Today's story is really long, so it will be in two parts. Look forward to the ending next Thursday! Also, side note, I drew that picture about 3 years ago when I first wrote this story. I can't believe I found it! The title was originally "Superpowerless" but I changed it to "Angelic Wings" when I rewrote it.

I stood before the person I considered to be the most evil man I had ever known. He wore a dark trench coat and had hair as black as night. "So Angelic Wings, ready to finally be defeated?" The man called to me, holding his arms out. Between his two hands an orb of green light started to form.

"Ha! It will not be so easy to defeat me, Gloando!" I shouted proudly. You see, I'm a superhero. I have a tight white costume, long flowing blond hair, and I use the powers of lightening to destroy those who oppose me. They call me, Angelic Wings because of the wings that form when I became my super alter ego, making me look like an angel.

Gloando, my current arch enemy, started mumbling something under his breath, and the green orb came flying at me. Since I have wings and can fly, it was fairly easy to avoid this orb. I shot a bolt of electricity towards Gloando, which he avoided. He had a huge smile on his face which was starting to creep me out. "Why the big smile Gloando? Finally decided to give up?"

Gloando didn't say anything, but pointed behind me. I turned around to see the green orb flying back towards me. I tried to get out of it's way, but it seemed to be too late. It hit me in the side, I felt the most horrible pain I had ever felt. My wings felt as if they were on fire and my brain felt as if it were being pounded with a hammer. I couldn't take it, and feel out of the sky, smashing into the pavement below, right in front of Gloando.

"You are nothing but a fallen angel now," he said, stomping on my head with his heavy black boots. The world went dark and numb.

Dreams...was this all nothing but a dream? NO! I remember a time before this, before I was ever Angelic Wings. I was Karen Dover. A perfectly normal name. I wasn't Karen Dover for long. When I was just 12 years old, my wings emerged for the first time. My best friend at the time, Jake, was attacked by my first arch-enemy, Dr. Devil. It was after school one day as we were walking home, and Dr. Devil attacked Jake, sensing in him a pure soul, something Dr. Devil desired greatly. I saw it happen, all of it, and felt so helpless, so powerless. I cried out, screamed because of the pain I felt in my heart. A storm was raging in my mind. Then wings burst out of my back, and my whole self was changed. I became a more mature looking woman, wearing the outfit that became my "super hero costume". Reading the news articles about it later, most of them suggested I made the costume myself. I thought that was funny because I can't sew at all.

In any case, I was like an angel fighting a devil. I think that's why I got my name "Angelic Wings" from the newspapers. I flew down from high in the sky, and used what would come to be known as my "Super Angel Punch". Newspapers love to name everything. "Super Angel Punch" causes electricity to flow from my fist into the chest of the person I am fighting, in this case, Dr. Devil. Dr. Devil fell to the ground, I flew down and grabbed Jake to get him somewhere safe. I regret to this day not finishing off Dr. Devil right then and there, but I was young, all I wanted was for Jake to be safe.

To this day, Jake is the only one who knows my true identity. Not even my parents, my later boyfriends, or other superheros know who "Angelic Wings" really is. I wouldn't think it be that hard to tell. I don't think I look that different, at least not anymore now that I am an adult. Well maybe it's not that strange, Angelic Wings never ages, Karen Dover does. And I did grow up, to the woman I am today.

Am I just Karen Dover again?

Dreams...they are so funny. They fade with time. So do memories. Everything fades with time.

I opened my eyes. My whole being felt as if it is in a blazing fire. I could feel, feel within my body, my soul, that my powers were gone. Gloando had finally won.

I sat up, holding my head in my hands. I felt like my best friend had died. It was such a feeling of loss unlike anything I had ever experienced. I stood up and started walking slowly to my apartment. I was so bewildered, so unsure of what to do now. What does a super hero do when they lose their powers?

I think I was a good hero. The newspapers called me "A Guardian Angel of the people". I had the perfect arch-enemy Dr. Devil! It was funny looking back. "A battle of heaven and hell" the newspapers had called it. Dr. Devil would kidnap people with souls he considered to be pure to use in a project to make the world an eternal hell. He kept all these souls in a case in his evil lair, which is where our epic climatic final battle took place. If it was a tv show, this would've been the show stopping season finale!

It was everything you'd expect it to be. First Dr. Devil tried to steal my soul, saying it was the final and purest soul he needed to complete his project. He got me down to his lair and was holding me down when a storm started raging in my soul. I couldn't let this happen! I had to stop Dr. Devil at all cost. I saw a bright light forming at heart, glowing in all directions brightly. I flew up to the ceiling, and the light grew brighter and brighter until I couldn't see anything else. Somehow it freed all the souls and sent Dr. Devil to where he belonged, Hell. This is my ultimate move, but I haven't been able to do it again, or even understand how it works. Afterwards, I fell out of the air, transforming from Angelic Wings into Karen again. Usually I can control when I transform, so this was a first for me. It was almost like when when that green orb of Gloando's hit me.

I sighed as I unlocked the door to my apartment. It's small, I can't afford much, since being a superhero doesn't pay. I have another "real" job at a department store, but that doesn't pay much either.

Thinking back now, I was only 16 when I defeated Dr. Devil. I'm 20 now, things sure have changed since then. After Dr. Devil came a string of minor villains, all of which I defeated easily. Jake and I were dating at this point. He was always so worried about me. See, when I'm Karen, much like Spiderman, I can sense when there is danger. Then I can turn into Angelic Wings and fly off to save the day. Jake always would tell me "Glow and don't die!" He was talking about my ultimate move. The glowing white light that had saved me from Dr. Devil. He wanted it to always protect me.

I could no longer sense danger. I sat at the kitchen table in my apartment. Who will save the day now? Who will rescue the people in danger? What will happen now? Who was the real me all this time?

I put my head down on my kitchen table. It felt cool against my head. Who had been the real me all this time? Was it Angelic Wings or Karen Dover? It was like we were two different people. Maybe we were. Maybe that's why I felt this sense of loss. Angelic Wings had died, leaving behind the pitiful remains of Karen Dover. I wished for a moment that Gloando had killed us both.

I closed my eyes and thought back again. After a while, when I was 17, Jake and I had an argument that had ended our relationship. He wanted me to stop being Angelic Wings forever. I said of course I couldn't do that. I needed to save people, I couldn't leave them helpless.

"They did just fine before you were here, they'll do fine if you aren't here anymore. I'm tired of always worrying if you'll come back or not. I can't lose you Karen!" Jake had cried.

"NO! They didn't do fine before me. Many more people would be dead right now! You might be dead if it weren't for me."

"Why do you care, it's not responsibility. I know you saved me, but you don't even know those people"

"It's my responsibility now! This is who I am now!" I screamed.

"I'm sorry then." Jake said sadly. "There are some things I can't accept. It's over. I'm leaving."

And he did leave. He left behind a note that had his phone number on it and said "Call me if you ever decide to give up your powers. I love you forever Karen."

At the time, all I could think of was, if he loved me so much, why couldn't he just accept me as I am?

I went over and sat on my couch. I fell over on my side and turned on the tv. It was on a news network. There was a story about a big fire downtown. I felt a chill down my spin. There was a big disaster, and I hadn't known about it. People could be dying right now, and I couldn't help them. I'm worthless as Karen Dover.

I put the TV on mute and felt tears welling up in my eyes. I blinked them back. The last time I had cried had been the day I dropped out of high school when I turned 18. I was so far behind I wasn't going to graduate anyway. It was so hard to do, even harder than saving the day. I had cried and I had no one to comfort me. My parents thought I was on drugs or drinking or doing other illegal things due to my behavior. It upset me that they had such little faith in me. I got a job and moved out as soon as I could.

My real job sucks. They don't mind that I'm sometimes late or that I call out sometimes for no real reason. When I am at work, I really work hard, so they don't want to lose me. I know I have to work hard, I can't lose this job, I have to survive.

After Jake, I had a few other boyfriends. Most only lasted a few weeks, I never cried when I lost them. They all broke up with me because of my habit of disappearing and not telling them where I had been. They thought I was cheating on them. No one ever has any faith in me. Maybe it's better that my powers are gone. I could have a real relationship now. Maybe I could have Jake again now...

Jake! Now that I don't have my powers I can have him back! Or maybe not...there is something more important I should be doing now. I had to find Gloando and get my powers back. I was certain he had stolen them to use in some evil plot.

"Where's Angelic Wings?" I saw the headline flickering on the TV. I sat up and said out loud, "Well, let's go find her," My voice echoed around my dark empty apartment. "Let's go find her..." be continued!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy Playing FFX

Instead, have some unrelated pictures I found recently...

I too am recruiting an army of attack ducks.

No offense of course, to you vegans out there

*shudders at the thought of those special occasions*

Watch out for dragons everyone!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Real Virtual Reality?

It's random Youtube Video Monday again! This is a really cool video about a thing called augmented reality. Check it out.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Strange Things On Sale On Ebay

Sometimes I wonder about the state of the world, and then I look at ebay and I lose all faith in humanity. Here are some of the most bizarre things for sale on ebay.

Click to enlarge




Text: "Up for auction is the haunted mutant potato of doom .It weighs about a fourth of a pound and is approximately 3" x 3" . It may seem like any other mutant potato of doom , but it is not . This Potato is a complete freak oddity of the vegetable world. I believe this to be the potato reincarnation of a set of conjoined twins from a traveling freak show of the 1800's.Bid on this potato and I guarantee it will be the mutant potato of your dreams .Buy this for your self or a loved one . Cook it with a steak to freak some one out during dinner . Stick it in a jar of formaldehyde and set it on your coffee table and there will never be a dull conversation.I know what you are thinking , why do I need a mutant potato of doom . The answer is plain and simple and you want it because it is made of pure awesome. There will never be another potato like this one out there this haunted potato is completely unique . I once thought about peeling it and cooking it for mashed potatoes ,but could not because the potato peeler would disappear every time . I believe this was also the potatoes doing . It is as if the potato knew my every thought . I some times think this potato will bring a doom to us all . Plus it totally looks like a scrotum"

Text: "IT'S BACK!!!!!! For the person who has everything. A 100% authentic Fart in a Bottle. This is no scam, no gimmick. The bottle contains a true, unique human fart. It makes a great gag gift, a party conversation piece, or the final item for someone who thinks they have everything. The bottle comes with a certificate of authenticity which states the date and time the bottle was "filled". This item does not arrive in some ugly, unattractive bottle. It arrives in a designer, swing top, brown glass bottle. Christmas is going to come early for the person who bids on this item. FOR THOSE WHO WERE WAITING, THIS FART CAME FROM A FEMALE!!!!!!!!!!

*Sample is strongest at time of collection. Strenght of odor may dissipate over time. Exterior of bottle was never exposed to sample. Seller is not responsible for lack of strong odor if the bottle is ever opened."

Text: "This Auction is for your Very Own IMAGINARY FRIEND! Upon winning this auction, I will dream up and bring to Life an Imaginary Friend just for you!!! Every one of our Imaginary Friends are Unique! You can choose a Male or Female, or just let me imagine one for you. Your new best buddy comes in his or her own Jar, which also can double as their bedroom or just where you send them when they are being a little Mischievous. (and believe me, they can be VERY Mischievous!!!) It also comes with an Official, Authentic Certificate of Transfer, listing the name, age, weight, height, hair and eye color, special characteristics, likes and dislikes! Your new friend can vary in color, size, age and special abilities. You never know what you're going to get. But what you can be sure of is you will always get the Very Best Imaginary Friends from my imaginary company."

Wow...why would people even search to find these things in the first place?



By the way, I have changed my blog to allow anonymous comments! You can now comment away, even if you don't have a Blogger account.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Every Thursday, I post a short story I have written. This week is a story about the MMO zOMG.

Audra had just gotten off her third shift job at the local factory. She was exhausted, but she knew she wouldn't be able to sleep anytime soon. She put on her pajamas, and pulled her dark red hair back into a high ponytail. As Audra set her hazel eyes upon her laptop they grew wider with excitement. Audra was about to enter her own personal fantasy world.

After working hard at work 5 days a week, Audra loved to come home and enter the world of zOMG, her MMO of choice. It was a silly little MMO, one where you battled against the animate, objects that had come to life. In the short time since she discovered the game, it had become a major part of her life. Now instead of wondering when a TV show would come on, or if she should go out with her friends, she wondered when the next raid would be, or when the next expansion would come out. Audra knew it was silly, but she had immersed herself in the world of zOMG.

Audra logged on, and ceased to be Audra any longer. Now she was Stormy the vampire. Thinking of herself as Stormy made her very happy. Stormy took a look at her Clan forum. Clans were groups of players that played together in the game. Stormy was the Clan leader, and she only picked the very best for her clan. A new recruit for her clan, a player who called herself ThunderT, was online at this late hour. ThunderT was asking if anyone would like to farm with her. On online games, farming was when you went out and killed multiple monsters in order to gain levels. Eager to see how this new recruit could handle herself, Stormy sent her a message asking her to come to the Zen Garden.

The Zen Garden was a beautiful area, in perpetual spring, with Cherry Blossoms always blooming. Stormy loved to just walk here, staring at the amazing vistas, but she was here for another reason tonight. Soon ThunderT appeared and suggested they go to an area swarming with Kokeshi Dolls come to life.

Stormy and ThunderT began their battle against the dolls. Stormy was amazed how well the lower leveled TunderT was handling herself. She hardly needed any healing, due to her smart use of buffs. They battled for nearly an hour before they retreated to the safety of a nearby shrine.

"That was a really good battle ThunderT!" Stormy said. "I think that you'd make a good addition to our Clan."

"Oh rly?" ThunderT typed in chat speak, but Stormy didn't mind. "Id liek that vry much!"

"Yes! We'd love to have you. You'll have to work hard to level up some though."

"U no, I rly like this game. It rly helps u get closesr to ppl." ThunderT typed quickly.

Stormy didn't reply at first. Several fellow gamers had told her that they liked her before, and she was afraid that it was going to happen again. Stormy's real life was complicated, and she didn't really want an online romance. Especially not with one of her clan members. She played the game to escape from the drama of real life, she didn't need it evading her game as well.

"I have 2 tell u something." ThunderT didn't wait for a response.

"Ok?" Stormy sighed, and waited for ThunderT to tell her whatever it was.

"BRB" ThunderT typed instead.

Stormy blinked at her screen, and felt herself pulling away from the game, becoming Audra again. "Eh? Be right back? But I thought you had to tell me something?" Audra mumbled to herself. She looked at the time and realized how late it was. She just wanted to hear what ThunderT had to say then go to sleep. Instead Audra heard a knock on her bedroom door. "Eh? Come in!" she said loudly.

The door creaked open, and a red-headed teenage girl came in. "Hi mom." The girl said.

"What's up Tammy? You couldn't sleep?" Audra smiled at her daughter.

"Well, I just wanted to say I'm glad I could play zOMG with you tonight."

The End!
zOMG is a real game, connected to the website Gaia Online. You should check it out, it's a lot of fun to play.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Can't touch this.

It's random Youtube Video Monday again, and here is another random Youtube video I was linked to during the week.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pool Cake

Today was my aunt's birthday, we had an amazing cake:

The pool table was made of pure chocolate! It was really yummy too.

Unrelated Picture:

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's official, Futurama is back!

That's right, in 2010, Futurama is coming back! Comedy Central has ordered 26 new episodes of my favorite television show! After Family Guy was brought back, we all knew it was only a matter of time until Futurama came back as well. I can't wait to see the new episodes! Matt Groening states, "We’re thrilled Futurama is coming back. We now have only 25,766 episodes to make before we catch up with Bender and Fry in the year 3000."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weird Girl

Every Thursday I can, I'll be posting a short story I wrote of some type. This Thursday the story is called "Weird Girl" It is kinda about a high school graduation, so it's relevant. Pic unrelated.

In my senior year of high school, she came along. From the far away land of California, she walked into our classroom. She was slender, not exactly skinny, but no where near chubby either. Her hair was dirty blond, and was tied up in a messy pony tail. Unlike most of the girls in my class, she wasn't wearing makeup, but her complexion was still very good. For her introduction, all she said was "Yo!" as she waved her hand at the classroom. The teacher told us that her name was Estelle and directed her towards a seat in the back of the classroom, the seat that happened to be next to mine. Estelle immediately laid her head down on her desk, and looked over at me with a lazy expression on her face. She stared at me, not saying a word, her eyes seeming to scan every part of me. She met her eyes with mine, and I noticed that they were a blueish color, slightly green. They also appeared to be swirling, the color of her eye changing constantly as the colors mixed around, almost like a kaleidoscope.

I'd been staring at her eyes for a few moments when I realized how awkward I was being, sitting there staring at this girl without saying a word. I opened my mouth and said the first thing that came to my mind. "Um hi, I'm Marshall". Estelle continued to stare at me without saying a word. I felt uncomfortable in my seat. I couldn't stand her just staring at me, so I opened up a book and pretended to read while waiting for the first period bell to ring. All the time I felt her gaze upon me, and I was thinking, this girl is really weird.

Estelle went through her the rest of her high school career doing some of the most bizarre things. She wasn't really friends with anyone, but occasionally she got a group of people to join in her antics. Once we came into the classroom in the morning to find everything in the room upside down. Apparently Estelle had gotten a group of girls to help her. She declared it was upside down day. The teacher wasn't very amused but didn't give Estelle or any of the other girls detention. Estelle never got in trouble for anything, even when she talked in class. Seemed the teachers were almost scared of her weirdness.

Estelle did many other strange things, including a week where she wore outfits made out of duct tape and trash bags. She said it was all the rage in Japan. I heard about an incident in the girl's gym class that Estelle had decided she was too hot and jumped into the pool fully clothed without a change of clothes. In our AP English class Estelle routinely ignored the writing requirements and would write stories about how evil carrots were, and the upcoming penguin revolution. She was indeed, the strangest girl I had ever known in my life, but I some how couldn't keep her out of my mind.

It was almost the end of the year, and we were in science class together. We had been paired together since our both of our normal lab partners were absent that day. Estelle quickly did all the work without any of my input. We still had a lot of time left before the class was over, so we got to talk for the first time. I didn't know quite what to talk about with this girl so I just brought up the first topic that came to mind. "So Estelle what music do you listen to?"

"Hmm..." Estelle was doodling pictures of the cutest lions I had ever seen in her notebook. She didn't look at me before she answered, "Well I like the Beatles, and Frank Sinatra."

I hadn't really expected a normal answer from her, so I shrugged of her answer and plowed ahead. "What do you watch on TV? I really like Lost."

Estelle had started drawing a happy little pig playing with the lions in her picture. "I don't watch TV. It brain washes you."

"Ah well, it's entertaining..." I didn't know quite what to say, so I watched her draw for awhile. "You should draw a butterfly too." I said in an offhand way.

Estelle's pencil stopped. Her hand seemed to twitch a little, she turned her head quickly in my direction and said in an extremely loud voice. "BUTTERFLIES ARE SCARY! They are demon spawn!" She had an entirely serious look on her face as the whole class looked over at her. She looked at me angrily for a moment, then went back to drawing. Instead of a butterfly, she had decided to draw a disco ball over her lions and pigs.

I sat there in silence for a few minutes, unsure of what to say to her now. I opened my mouth to say something, I'm not sure exactly what it was. Before I could even utter one syllable, Estelle grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes again. I felt hypnotized by her eyes as she said "You don't have to say anything." She didn't say it in a sad way, but her eyes seemed to be very sad to me. Her soft hand continued to hold mine for a moment before she let go. She then went back to drawing her animal dance party.

Even though I saw Estelle many other times before we graduated we didn't talk in school again. Now every time I saw her though, I felt a sadness in her eyes I hadn't seen before. Perhaps it had always been there, but no one ever really looked close enough to notice. Estelle continued her craziness and always seemed to be happy. Then came the day of our graduation.

Estelle's class ranking was eleven. She confided in a loud voice to one of my fellow students that she did it on purpose, because she didn't want to be a nerd in the top ten.

After the graduation ceremony, everyone was crowded in the gym. It was so crowded it was hard to move around. Everyone was taking pictures with their friends and several people were crying. I was standing with some of my friends when I felt a soft hand grab mine. "Marshall" Estelle's voice whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine. She pulled on my hand away from the crowd towards the back door of the gym. "Marshall run away with me."

She stood just outside the door of the gym, holding my hand as I stood on the threshold. "But...I have things to do, I mean..." My mind raced thinking about all the parties and things I had planned on doing that day.

"The world will go on without you for one day. What's the worst that could happen?" Estelle smiled at me. I felt a shiver of excitement. I had lived my life up to that point much like that of my peers, never doing anything all that unexpected. I did the things normal teenagers did, but this felt different, this felt important. I stepped over the threshold of the door.

Estelle didn't let go of my hand, she just looked up at me and smiled. For the first time, I saw her eyes smiling as well. "Sweet!" She declared, and started walking quickly, pulling me along.

To this day I'm not sure why I went with her. We weren't even that close, we were just classmates. I guess it was really just curiosity. I wanted to see what made Estelle tick, why she was such a strange girl. At the time I really didn't think about it, I just went with her.

We got into her car, a small red Ford Escort. Before starting the car, Estelle took off her gown. Instead of wearing formal clothes underneath like we were supposed to, she was wearing a tank top and shorts. I took off my gown too, feeling out of place in my dress shirt and pants. Estelle scanned me again, much like the time she had the first day she had come to school. She gave what seemed to be a nod of approval, and started her car. She rolled down the windows all the way, and turned up her car radio, which was tuned to classical music. Just like that, we escaped from high school.

I knew better than to make small talk. I didn't even ask where we were going, Estelle seemed to have a plan. We stopped at a diner to eat dinner and neither one of us talked about anything. The silence didn't feel so awkward now, it felt more natural. We got back in her car and the sun began to sink. I watched the sky grow darker.

Estelle finally stopped her car in a parking lot near the beach. "Ah here we are." Estelle said.

"The ocean?"

"I've never seen the Atlantic Ocean before. I mean it's all just water and all, but I've never been here before." Estelle jumped out of her car, and ran towards the water. I got out of the car and watched her run taking off her shoes as she did. She ran right into the water and stopped suddenly. My mind had been racing prior to that point, thinking about how worried my family and friends might be since I disappeared. My cellphone, still on silent since the graduation ceremony, seemed to weigh heavily in my pocket. But at that moment, I watched Estelle's child like delight at seeing the east coast. All my worries disappeared as I watched her fall into the water, completely soaking herself. She sat up and yelled "YES!" I couldn't help myself, I laughed at her. She seemed so happy at that moment, I couldn't help but be happy myself.

Estelle eventually got tired of the water, and came out grabbed a towel she had in the trunk of her car and wrapped it around herself. We both went and sat in the hood of her car. Estelle said in a happy voice, "Ok now we have to make a wish! Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight!" She closed her eyes tightly and seemed to be wishing with all her might. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something to wish for. Many thoughts raced through my mind, I wished that I didn't have to ever go back, I wished I didn't have to go to college, I wished that this night could last forever, just here with me and Estelle. In the end I couldn't think of anything to really wish for, so I didn't wish for anything.

"What did you wish for?" I asked Estelle when she opened her eyes.

In a completely serious tone she answered, "If I tell you it won't come true." She paused and looked up at the sky. "There are so many stars, maybe one of them can grant my wish." Estelle said in an almost inaudible voice, but I heard her. "Will you stay up with me all night? I've always wanted to watch the sun come up over the ocean." I nodded in agreement.

We did stay up all night discussing various things. I told her how I wanted to be in graphic design, and she told me that she wanted to be a voice actress for cartoons. She told me how she got jealous of cats getting to sleep all day, and I told her how I was jealous of all the other guys being taller than me. No topic was taboo, we talked the night away.

Soon the first rays of lights started peaking over the ocean. Our conversation stopped at this point. Estelle watched the sun rise intently. I looked at the sunrise for a moment before turning my gaze instead to Estelle. Estelle didn't seem to notice me looking at her, she was looking at the rays of sun coming up from beneath the ocean, reflecting in the water. I watched the sunrise in her eyes. Her eyes fogged up with tears that soon began streaming down her face. I didn't ask her why she was crying, instead I grabbed her hand and looked back towards the ocean.

After the sun had completely risen, Estelle started to talk again. "I've never seen the sun rise over the ocean before. This is what true beauty is. No one bothers to watch things like this anymore. Everyone is too busy with their lives to notice the world..." Estelle wiped the tears from her eyes, and continued. "I'm really tired, let's take a nap before we go back."

I didn't want to go back, nor did I really want to sleep. I felt more awake, more alive than any other time in my life. Of course I didn't say no to Estelle, and we went back inside her car. Estelle leaned back her chair and seemed to fall asleep pretty quickly. I leaned back my chair as well and watched her sleep. Her hair and fanned over her face. I lightly took my hand and brushed her hair out of her face. Estelle didn't move when I did this. I desperately wanted to kiss her. She seemed so innocent, so normal, while she slept. Somehow I knew that kissing her would be wrong. Estelle was a weird girl, but she was also a special girl. A guy like me could never hope to have the love of a girl like that. So I held myself back, and didn't kiss her. Somehow, I drifted off to sleep myself. By the time I woke up, Estelle had already started the car and we were back on the road back to our lives.

I never talked to Estelle again, once she dropped me off at my house. I remember watching her car drive away with a sad aching loneliness in my heart. I knew what I had felt while I was with her, I would never experience again. When I got back to my life, I was scolded by my parents for disappearing, and my friends were all surprised at me for not coming to the graduation parties. I still felt like what I had done that night was far more important, and any trouble and grief I received would be worth it.

It was only later, when I had started my freshman year of college that I heard of Estelle's death. Apparently she had some form of cancer, and she had moved to the East Coast because her parent's had heard of a doctor out here that might be able to help her. In the end they couldn't and Estelle had died in the hospital. I hid in my dorm room bathroom and cried for nearly an hour when I found out. I felt so hopeless and helpless. I didn't even know what to feel anymore. The world collapsed in on me that day.

Of course, all of that was many years ago now. I look back on that day with a sort of happiness tinged with sadness. I realize that Estelle had chosen me to go with her to experience that sunrise. That had to mean something. Now I live with my wife in a cottage near the ocean. I never told my wife about that day, it's my little secret. I keep it locked in my heart, talking about it would sully the memory. Of course, everyday I get up early enough to watch the sunrise, and I wish on the stars at night that I'll get to see the sunrise again tomorrow.

Facebook Usernames

So did you hear the latest Facebook news? Let me quote it from the website:

Soon you will be able to have a username
Starting on Saturday, June 13th, at 12:01am, you'll be able to choose a username for your Facebook account to easily direct friends, family, and coworkers to your profile.
Check out the Facebook Blog for more information or send yourself an email with the details.

I think this is a good choice! I like my username, stormoftara. Really, stormoftara is like my life. I am called storm often, even off of the internet. I've had the same name since 1999! So really, I am glad I'll be able to be called stormoftara on Facebook as well.

Also, did you see the new FML book? FML is one of my favorite sites, and it came out with a book with some of the best FMLs and illustrations! I got mine already.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Anime Withdrawal


Monday, June 08, 2009

Mondays = Random Youtube Video

Every Monday from now on, I'll post a random Youtube Video I was linked to during the week. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Flea Market/ Summer Goals

Today I went to the Flea Market, and I learned some very important life lessons. Mostly how to get a good deal on anything.

You see when you want to buy something, the person at the booth always starts off with an outrageous price they'll hope you'll pay. You in turn must haggle them down to a cheaper price. I learned the best way to do that is the walk away method. You look a bit interested in something, you ask the price, and then kinda walk away. I got two people to lower prices for me that way. It's an awesome way to haggle without even really trying.

Speaking of the Flea Market, I got a Game Gear and two games, an Xbox game, three flash drives, a mouse, and several cords to things for only $40. I probably could've haggled things down more, but I didn't. Afterwards we went to Good Will, and I got several tank tops and shorts for only $3. I also got the dress I'm wearing in the photo above for $4. Good deal, considering it had the original price tag on it still. And originally it cost $36. Yeah I love good deals!

This summer I have several goals. Those goals are the following.

  • Go to the beach
  • Go camping
  • Go to Sleeping Giant, hike to the top and have a picnic in the castle
  • Go to Lake Compounce {An amusement park}
  • Go Wine Tasting with Kim and her friends
  • Go to Conneticon {An anime convention}
Ok that's it for now. Pic is unrelated

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Super Spicy!

Today, at the Taco Bell I work at, this guy came through the drive thru and said "I'm not doing so well, just give me whatever you want, as long as it is SPICY!"

My drive thru cashier was too stunned to say anything, so I took it upon myself to ring up the gentleman for an order of EPIC SPICY PROPORTIONS. I didn't tell him what I was giving him, I just said "That'll be $6.95."

He drove up, and we made him the most awesome spicy food ever. A volcano taco, a big taste taco with jalapeños in it, and the grand finale, a double beef volcano burrito with extra lava sauce, jalapeño sauce, and two helpings of jalapeños. IT WAS AWESOME. I gave him a Fruit Punch to wash it all down with.

He seemed happy about his order as he drove away, but I'm sure he won't be happy tonight, all night, on the toilet.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Bad Emo Jokes

I read a lot of webcomics, one of the ones I recently got into is called Cheer Up, Emo Kid. It's a funny site, and the latest comic reminded me of these emo jokes I used to tell. You can find the comic I am talking about here.

-How many emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?
-None, they'd rather all sit in the dark and cry about it.

I wish my grass was emo, that way it would cut it's self.

-How do you get an emo down from a tree?
-You cut the rope...

-Knock Knock
-Who's there?
-An Emo
-...Go away

-How many emos does it take to screw in a light bulb?
One to replace it.
And two to write a song about how they missed the old one

I'm so emo they kick me out of the bar when they start "Happy Hour"

-How do you kill an emo?
-Give him a sharper knife

-How many emos does it take to microwave a burrito?
One to cry about it on LiveJournal.
One to make a Myspace about it.
One to take a picture of them taking a picture of themselves in a mirror and post it on LiveJournal and MySpace.
The other to make the burrito.

-What do you call an emo adult?
-They aren't alive at the time.

-How many emo kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
-None, they'd rather break the bulb and cut themselves with it.

Pic unrelated:

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why My TV Remote Doesn't Work

A short story by me! Pic unrelated

On a couch sat a young woman, with long blonde curly hair, gray-blue eyes, and a very pale complexion. Her eyes were cast downwards, staring at nothing. She seemed to be extremely upset about something. Something that was putting her at the edge of tears.

"Why?" she declared, clutching the TV remote in her hand. "Why can't I be happy?" Suddenly, as if the gods had finally decided to answer her prayers, the girl smiled. She felt a surge of happiness. The girl couldn't explain the feelings she was feeling, but she was so happy to finally be happy.

Meanwhile, in a lab hundreds of miles away, a woman sat in front of a computer screen. She had raven hair, pulled back in a bun, her green eyes staring intently at the flickering screen.

"Dr. Greene!" she cried. "Come look at this! Number 0567 has some weird numbers all of a sudden!"

The young woman was walking down the street smiling brightly. Then a ringing came from her purse. The girl froze, and paused for a moment before reaching to answer her cellphone. She looked at the familiar number of her ex-boyfriend, and cried, "Why do you keep calling me? I don't love you anymore!" The cellphone stopped ringing. The girl sighed, and the sadness she had felt melted away, and the happiness returned.

"What is it Alexis?" Dr. Greene said, strolling over wearing his trademark outfit of a long white lab coat and black pants. He had permanently messy brown hair, with piercing, almost haunting brown eyes behind a pair of stylish glasses.

"Doctor, Number 0567 is reacting so oddly. Look at her emotion meter. it is down at negative sixteen." Alexis said, with a great interest in her green eyes as she looked up at the doctor.

"Negative sixteen? She must be very upset..." he trailed off, seeing the number jump suddenly.

"5,392?" Alexis stammered. "Oh, my could this happen, how could she go from being so sad to so happy? Impossible..."

"Not at all Alexis, you know why we are studying these cases." Dr. Greene said, adjusting his glasses.


"Yes, let me explain."

The young woman arrived home again. She tried to turn on the TV with the remote, only to find that the batteries were dead. She picked up her cellphone to call her mom to tell her to pick up some batteries on her way home, only to see that her cellphone was not on.

"Huh," she said, trying to turn it on and failing, "but it had a full charge!"

She plugged in her cellphone anyway, and then tried turning it on again. Amazingly, now it worked. "Hmmm..." she said, shrugging it off as she dialed her mom's number.

"So then she takes the electric charge out of electronic devices an uses it to trick her mind into thinking she is happy?" Alexis said, fascinated.

"Basically." Dr. Greene said. "All the cases we study are of people who display a strong psychic ability of some kind."

"Well then doctor." Alexis said, pulling her hair out of it's bun. It cascaded down her shoulders, and almost seemed to glow in the dim light. "Why don't we go back to my place?"

She stood up, pulling him close to her. She was about to kiss him, when he suddenly said, "Sorry, I'm gay."


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm so crafty

Today, at my job {I'm a manager at a Taco Bell} a cop came through the drive thru. The following is a transcript of what happened.

COP: So how much will that be?

ME: Oh well that'll be free, for you. *over exaggerated wink*

COP: Oh that's nice of you...

ME: You look thirsty? You want one of these new Frutista Freezes? Strawberry Coladas are AWESOME

COP: Oh well...

ME: *gives her a frutista against her will*

COP: Uhh..thanks.

ME: See that car over there?

COP: *glares over at my awesome Ford Escort, and looks back at me with a look most people would confuse for not caring, but obviously she cares AT LOT ABOUT MY CAR*

ME: Yeah, that's my car.

COP: Ok...

ME: *hands her the food* Well just keep my car in mind, you know...*over exaggerated wink again*

COP: *just stares at me*

I am so crafty...I'll never get pulled over again now. MWAHAHAHHAHA

Picture is UNRELATED

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I really hate them, they are like the bane of my existence. Always hard to read, but sometimes, they come up with funny word combination!

Watermeat is a character from one of the online websites I go on, he looks like this:

You wouldn't want to eat that, right? TOO CUTE

I'll never know what he wrote...

I'm sooooooooo popular....

Well is it? Why doesn't captcha answer my questions?

Also, they always fail for me. I wonder if maybe I'm doing them wrong? Nah that can't be it.

Oh yeah, now for an unrelated picture, you're welcome.

And she dreams of ninjas and pirates

So to begin with, this was the dream I had a few weeks ago. A good starting point I suppose. As good as any. Ok, so onto the dream...oh by the way, the picture is unrelated.

It was nightfall, me and fellow ninjas were headed down to the tavern The tavern was closed when we got there, apparently the owners had heard that pirates were on their way, we knew that we had to protect our village from the evil pirates.

So we hid in various places, but I decided to go for the pirate's ship, in hopes of stealing any of their treasure, as well as killing anyone still on board. I silently made my way to the boat, but as soon as I got on the boat a voice called out to me. A deep manly voice that said "Stay right where you are". I stood still, unable to believe that someone had seen me, especially since it was so dark. But I knew he had seen me when he emerged from the shadows and pointed his gun at me. This man I understood, must be the Captain of the pirates, although he still looked rather young. My heart was beating quickly in my chest, I had the feeling that my life was over. But the pirate didn't kill me, instead he said "I'm Captain Sparrow, Captain of this fine vessel."

I didn't say anything, but looked at him with hatred in my eyes. I was wondering why he hadn't killed me yet, he had plenty of time to. Why would he toy with me like this? Was this normal behavior for pirates? Was he going to capture me and torture me for information? "I will not tell you anything!" I finally said, "I'd rather die than tell a pirate scum like you anything."

"I don't want any information, my dear friend. When I first saw you, I could've killed you right away. I was trained in the ninja arts, even though I am a pirate. But I couldn't kill you, everything about you seemed so beautiful."

"You can't fool me with flattery!" I said, jumping out of my position and aiming a kick at his neck. Captain Sparrow grabbed my leg before I could reach him and flipped me upside down, holding onto my leg.

"I told you I was trained in the ninja ways!" Captain Sparrow smiled, flipping me the right way and grapping ahold of both my arms so I couldn't escape. He then leaned in and kissed me. His lips felt soft for a pirate, and my heart raced even faster. I couldn't believe this was happening. I tore myself away, and knowing I was unmatched for him, I quickly retreated.

I didn't tell any of my fellow ninjas what had happened, but they told me plenty. About how the pirates had been so strong they could hardly even beat them, and had eventually chased them back to their boat. This battle was just beginning, and it seemed like it was going to be a long one.

So our battle began against the pirates, we tried time and again to get close to their boat, but we were stopped everytime. The pirates seemed to have the upper hand, they had already plundered and burned several of the houses closest to the shore. We evacuated many of the citizens, but it seemed we would lose the battle. One particularly stormy night, the pirates decided to launch cannonballs at our village. We had to stop them, so we made our way to their boat. As I was running towards the boat, I felt someone grab me and pull me down.

"Shhh..." The familiar rough voice said. I struggled to get away. "I don't want to hurt you, I just want to talk" Captain Sparrow pulled me down and held me tight.

"I told you before I won't give you any information" I snarled at him.

"I told you that's not what I want. What I want is to know is you." I tried to figure out his angle, but I couldn't understand why he didn't just kill me. I just glared at him, not saying anything. "What is it so hard to believe that a pirate could have emotions? That a pirate could fall in love at first sight?"

I had never thought of pirates having emotions. They had always been an faceless evil force to me. I considered all of what he had said, and the unthinkable happened. That night, a pirate and a ninja became lovers.

Still the battle between ninjas and pirates raged on. I could no longer battle as I once did, I battled halfheartedly. I didn't want to hurt Captain Sparrow now. Many of my fellow ninjas noticed that I wasn't battling with my normal vigor, I used many excuses. In the end, I knew a cloud of suspicion was thrown over me. I continued to see Captain Sparrow every chance I could slip away.

Eventually, the worst happened. Captain Sparrow was captured. He was being held by a council of the ninja elders. I was called to the council because he had mentioned my name. The council came down on me hard asking "Do you know this man?" I told them no, with my eyes staring at the ground. "We had heard rumors, but if this is true..."

"Can I talk to you alone?" I cast my eyes on one of the elders who I was the closest to. Her eyes told me no, but before she could really answer, I took out a scroll of transportation I had, grabbed Captain Sparrow and her as I set off the scroll, transporting us away.

We arrived in a cave not far from the village. I kissed Captain Sparrow passionately, and we both looked at the elder. "Please understand, I do love him." I said. "I know something like this is normally forbidden, but it still happened. And I do love him."

Before I could plead anymore, Captain Sparrow had taken out his sword and had the elder's neck pinned by it. "Don't listen to the girl, she is stupid, she didn't realize I was using her for information."

"What?" I cried . "But...that can't be."

"I'm a pirate did you expect me to me honest with you?"

The elder didn't say anything all this time. I felt heartbroken, as I had really fallen in love with Captain Sparrow. I looked up at him, and he said "I am going to kill your elder, will you stop me?" I couldn't move I was so hurt. He pierced the elders neck with his sword, and she fell to the floor. I still couldn't say or do anything as he ran past me.

I carried the elder's body back towards the village. There I saw three of my fellow ninjas fending off a pirate attack. They had killed off one of them when they saw me carrying the body. They asked me what happened, but I still couldn't speak. They took the body from me, and while we weren't paying attention to the pirates one of them raced up to me. He pointed his sword right at me and asked "Aren't you going to defend yourself?"

A lot raced through my mind at that time, all I could say was "Please just kill me." The pirate didn't question it, and stabbed me through my heart. I felt such an intense pain, I instantly regretted not fighting back. It hurt so bad, but not as much as having my heart broken by Captain Sparrow had. The other ninjas killed the man who had stabbed me, and I heard them saying they could keep me alive temporarily with some of their ninja magic. I didn't know what happened next, everything went black.

I woke up sometime later, with my fellow ninjas over me, saying that they couldn't keep me alive much longer. They asked me for information about Captain Sparrow, but I couldn't think of anything to say. Instead I said, "This is all my fault...the elder was all me. I deserved to die. I wanted to die." Then everything went black again, and I knew I wouldn't wake up again.

Except I did, only I woke up for real. And that was the dream I had last night.

TL;DR, Ninjas vrs pirates in a Romeo/Juliet kind of story.