Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Top 5 Trippy Animes

Today I will be presenting to you the top 5 animes that make you feel like you are on a drug trip! These are animes that I have personally watched. If you have also seen an anime that you felt was trippy, let me know in the comments so I can watch it too!

5. Bakemonogatari

Literally meaning monstories {Mix of monsters and stories} This anime is new, but it already very strange. It's about a boy who was recently cured of being a vampire {although some effects still remain} and how he finds himself mixed up with all kinds of freaks and monsters.

4. Paranoia Agent

This anime focuses on a criminal named Lil Slugger, and his victims. Lil Slugger attacks each victim with a baseball bat, but there seems to be a strange connecting thread to all the victims. What is it? Well you'll have to watch to find out.

3.Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

What would seem to be an ordinary school life anime, is actually much stranger. The title meaning "Goodbye Mr. Despair", this comedy anime is about a class full of students with strange quirks, and a teacher who always takes everything to the most negative extreme. Watch, laugh, enjoy.

2. Welcome to the NHK

An anime about a hikikomori {a shut-in} who mets a strange girl who tries to convince him to stop being a hikikomori. This anime has a lot more strange elements than you would think, watching it is a very strange experience at points.

1. Serial Experiments Lain

This anime is about a girl named Lain, and her discovering "The Wired" which is equivalent to the internet. When Lain recieves an e-mail from a classmate who had commited suicide, she delves deeper into the mysteries of the wired, and her own mysteries. It's well worth watching.

Other Trippy Animes!
In case you don't like my list, here are some more trippy animes.

Fooly Cooly.

A girl, a robot, and a boy. Will the Earth be destroyed? Watch this short anime to find out!
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Mechs! Fighting! A boy with some serious issues with his parents!

It's an anime movie, and you get to see inside dreams. Dreams can be scary D:

Excel Saga
World Domination! It's harder than it looks actually. They should just start small.

Disclaimer: These animes aren't really in order of trippiness. I suck at making lists.

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