Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tara Storm the Comic?

I have for long wanted to do a comic with my character Tara Storm. She's my second character I ever designed, the first being Angelic Wings, as seen in another one of my blogs. Tara Storm has gone through some redesigns over the years. The first comic she appeared in was this one:

Later she got a bigger comic, full color and all prettyfied

Click for full view

And then she had some pictures of her own, when I couldn't keep up with that comic...

Now I am thinking about another comic with dear Tara Storm in it, a more simplified comic, that I can keep up with. I redesigned her character again, almost back to the original Tara Storm.

I'm just wondering if I'll have enough time to do a comic, but I think it will help me. It won't have a regular schedule or anything, but I think it will help me when I'm stressed out...we'll see what happens from here.

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