Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MyTouch Phone Review

The MyTouch phone is T-Mobile's answer to the Iphone. I had the unique opportunity to see one right out of box and play with it a bit, and here is my review.

Let's start off with the outside of the phone, which is fully customizable. You can select from different skins and cases to personalize your phone anyway you like it. It comes in a beautiful black case, with the charger/usb port to hook up to your computer to download things. It also has a micro SD slot. It also comes with headphones. But really, the case it comes in is really awesome, much better than the black box Iphones come in.

I may not be very tech savvy, but this phone is running the Android OS, which is one of the best. It has tons of apps, most of which are free. The one I'm interested in the most is one called the Sherpa app. According to the website "This amazing app actually gets to know you better as you use it. It learns your favorite coffee house, bank or pharmacy, and keeps track of your errands with built-in GPS. It even learns the types of restaurants you prefer, and when you search it gives you those options first." It also has widgets you can put on your screen for easy access to the things you use the most, like e-mail and music. It has a full touch screen with a soft keyboard. But what about when you are web browsing and you can't click the link? The MyTouch has an easy solution for that, the trackball, located on the front of the phone, for clicking on things when your fingers are unable to.

I see one big issue with this phone, and that's the battery life. With heavy use, I can easily see the battery dying within a couple hours, although it does look like the battery will be better than the G1 phone's batteries. It's also not the best texting phone, since it lacks a physical keyboard.

All and all, it's a really awesome new phone, and I think it's even better than an Iphone, but I may not be the best judge. Many thanks to the man at the T-Mobile store for letting me play with the MyTouch phone, YOU ROCK. Look for the MyTouch phone, coming to a T-Mobile store near you this August!

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StormofStarzZ2 said...

OMG! I can't wait to get mine, its gonna be epic : D