Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fleeting Glimpse, part 21

The sound of childrens' laughter rang out through the air. It was warm and slightly muggy here, like a tropical paradise. Sarah looked around herself at the place that toted itself, the world's largest water park. There was a small lake surrounded by a beach, water slides, a large river to go rafting down, and many other things here. It was amazing to look at. Sarah walked around the park, taking in the sights, and for once in her life not worrying about how she looked in a bathing suit. Jeff lagged behind her, looking slightly anxious.

"Is it too hot for you?" Sarah asked sweetly.

"Oh no, I'm fine." Jeff looked around him, as if he was searching for something. Sarah had no idea what could be the matter with Jeff today. He was acting so odd.

Sarah gently took his hand and said, "Come on, you need to cool off. Let's go down that water slide!" Sarah pointed up towards one of the taller slides. It looked like a fun ride, it wasn't too fast, and was surrounded by beautiful tropical plants. Sarah started climbing up the stairs, and was hit with a sudden blast of deja vu. Why would stairs be so familiar to her? She didn't question it too much, and made her way to the top.

This slide was more like a log flume, but they were to ride a small raft down. Sarah sat in front, with Jeff behind her. He put his arms around Sarah's stomach, and she felt the butterflies take flight in her tummy. Sarah didn't have much time to dwell on this feeling, because before she knew it, they were sliding down. The raft took many twists and turns down the slide, the tropical plants became like a rainbow blur. It was beautiful to look at, and Sarah was almost sad when the raft splashed to the end.

As Sarah and Jeff looked around at the attractions, trying to decide what to do next, Sarah heard Jeff mumbling to himself, "So far so good..."

"Eh?" Sarah asked him.

"Oh nothing." Jeff looked away, like a dog who had been caught doing something bad.

"You've been acting..." Sarah stopped talking. She smelt something awful in the air. It smelt like decaying, rotten flesh. It almost made her want to vomit. She looked around and saw the other water park attendees putting their hands to their faces, and making expressions of disgust. "Oh god do you smell that?"

Jeff nodded, unable to take his hand away from his nose. He was beginning to look a bit green.

That's when the screaming began. From the front of the park it started, and it moved towards the back like a wave. The word that was being screamed was clear.


Tina sat near her daughter's bed, lost in her thoughts. Jenn was sitting near her, but Emily was standing next to Sarah, telling her stories. Emily said that even if Sarah was in a coma she could still hear her, and she didn't want her to be bored. So she told her stories of all sorts, Tina didn't really know she wasn't paying much attention.

Her own thoughts were focused on that day, over eighteen years ago, when she had been still pregnant with Sarah.

The doctor had approached her, asked if she would participate in a scientific study. He said that it would be no risk to her yet to be born baby. He said that it would pay well. Tina had needed the money, she had a new baby on the way after all.

Tina felt so much regret at accepting that offer.

The crowd started running, almost separating Sarah and Jeff. Sarah grabbed Jeff's hand to keep them together as they ran from the yet unseen zombie threat. Sarah looked around, calculating where would be the best place to run, where would they be the safest. She spotted a hillside cafe, up on top of a tall cliff. She told Jeff as she pointed towards it "There, we have to go there!"

They split off from the rest of the crowd slightly, and began the climb up a long staircase up the cliff. While everyone else seemed to be in a panic, Sarah's mind was as clear as a crisp spring morning. "There is no exit that way, the only way out is the entrance, and we can't go that way the zombies are coming in that way." Sarah explained as she ran up the stairs. She didn't feel out of breath, even with all the physical exercise. She wondered if she was working on pure adrenaline here. "At least on the cliff we'll be mostly protected, and can board ourselves up in the cafe and wait for help." Sarah wondered if help would ever come, and how wide spread this outbreak of zombies was. She didn't want to hope for the worst, so she just hoped for the best. That someone would be coming to save them.

A few other people seemed to have the same idea, and ran up the stairs with Jeff and Sarah. They soon reached the top, and even from up there, the putrid stench of rotted flesh was just as strong. A few people mulled around at the top, as if looking for guidance. Sarah decided that she would have to do her best and work through her shyness. These people needed help, and she was the one who could do that.

She began to bark out orders. "You two, start boarding up the windows. Break the tables inside if you have to. You three, go in the kitchen and look for any weapons. Come on Jeff, let's start making a barricade at the top of these stairs to slow down any zombies that try to make it this far." Sarah felt like a general in an army. Soon everyone got to work.

Sarah and Jeff used some tables and chairs to block off a part of the stairs. They tried their best to build a good barricade, but they didn't have any hammers or nails. The few nails and the single hammer that was found inside the cafe was being used to board up the windows. The three who had been sent to find weapons made a pile of knifes and other kitchen instruments in the center of the cafe, and then went to help board up the windows or build the barricade. Although they worked fast, Sarah was beginning to see some gray, half rotten, shuffling bodies far below her. She could see them chasing after some other people, and looked away as they started to devour an older man.

One of the few people on the cliff suggested they throw burning things down on the zombies. Sarah shook her head. "Do you really want flaming zombies chasing after you? I don't think fire alone will keep them away, and we don't really have much left to burn." Sarah was starting to feel more and more scared. She tried to remain calm for those around her, but it was difficult. This was an unusual situation, and she hoped she was making the right choices.

Jeff looked down below them, and shouted out "SARAH!" Sarah looked down and saw that a few zombies were making their way up the stairs to the cliff-side cafe.

"Everyone inside, and barricade the door!" Sarah shouted. They all rushed into the cafe. They used the few remaining tables and nails to secure the door. Sarah just hoped it would be enough. She went to the pile of kitchen equipment, and chose a rather long knife. She knew they might just end up having to defend themselves.

And then, they waited.

Sarah sat down near one corner, and Jeff joined her with a long pipe in his hand. Jeff looked like he had something on his mind, but he wasn't speaking.

"Jeff..." Sarah began, feeling an awkward silence between them. "If you have something you want to say you better say it now."

Jeff looked scared, but remained silent. Instead of talking, he leaned forward and gave Sarah a hug. Sarah hugged him back with the arm that wasn't holding the knife. That's when she heard a scratching and a loud moaning noise at the door. The zombies were here.

Sarah stood in a defensive position, followed by her new comrades in arms. Jeff was right beside her, looking less than thrilled at the battle that would soon commence. The scratching at the door became louder and louder before it broke open.

The zombies were even more disgusting in person, their flesh seeming to hang off their bones at awkward angles, and the stench of them was much stronger now. Sarah went to start attacking them with her knife, determined to not give up and do her best to protect her life and the lives of those around her. She was stopped by a tugging at her elbow.

"No Sarah."

"Jeff this is HARDLY THE TIME FOR TALKING" Sarah raged trying to move forward again, but Jeff put both his arms around her, stopping her forward motion.

"Sarah look this is a dream. A DREAM." Sarah couldn't see Jeff's face, but she could tell he was being sincere, yet she had no time to think about what he was saying, the zombies were almost upon them.

"What? What do you mean?"

"We have to wake up. I don't want to do this Sarah. It's a DREAM! A DREAM!" Sarah's memory came rushing back at this, and she closed her eyes as a zombie took a swing at her. She felt herself falling backwards, and when she opened her eyes again, she recognized the blackness before her.

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