Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Invisible, part 3

Sarah tried to shake off the feeling that she had seen someone she couldn't have possibly seen, after all it was probably just someone how looked like her dream friend, not her actually dream friend. That would be silly after all. Sarah cheered up thinking about her new job and decided that maybe, just this once, she would treat herself to something special.

The electronic store wasn't very crowded considering it was still early in the day and most people were still at work. Sarah hadn't spent much money at all during her brief time unemployed, and since she had so much money saved up, she wanted to splurge a bit and celebrate getting a new job. She made her way to the back of the store where she saw a display with Dreamsights on it. There were two different models, the only difference being how much storage space they had in them. Sarah of course bought the slightly more expensive one with more memory. Considering how long her dreams could be, she was sure she'd need all the memory space she could get.

At check out Sarah felt a surge of happiness in herself. She rarely ever bought anything for herself, there was rarely anything she ever really wanted. But this, this was something that she really wanted. Being able to revisit her dreams, allowing other people to see her dream world, it excited her. Maybe then she could see if other people had similar dreams to her, maybe then she wouldn't feel so alone. Sarah thanked the cashier and hurried to her car.

When Sarah arrived home she found her mother sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and reading some news articles on her tablet. "MA GUESS WHAT?!" Sarah burst out.

"You got the job?!" Sarah's mom smiled sweetly.

"YES!" Sarah hugged her mother "And guess what else, I got this cool new device, it can record your dreams!" Sarah almost felt more excited about the Dreamsight than getting the new job.

Sarah's mom looked at her daughter, seeing a spark of happiness that had been long lost in her. Tina Pinkerton had been worried about her daughter for such a long time, seeing her fall into an ever deeper depression. Sarah had done nothing but sleep for a long time, but now she seemed to almost shine with happiness. Tina hugged her daughter back, hoping that perhaps now her Princess would stay shining.

"Oh Princess I'm so proud of you." She said while Sarah broke away from their hug to show her the Dreamsight. She explained all about it, and then when asked told her mother about her new job and when she would be starting. Tina almost regretting seeing how late it was getting because soon she would have to go to work, and it had been a long time since she could remember having such a good conversations with Sarah.

After Sarah's mom left for work, Sarah wanted to try out the Dreamsight as soon as possible. She felt almost too excited to sleep, but she had to try. She took the Dreamsight out of it's packaging, and read the directions. She found that the Dreamsight could be used wirelessly, for people who tossed and turned a lot in their sleep and didn't want to end up wrapped up in the cords. Sarah decided to use it that way, since she always seemed to move a lot in her sleep. She set up the recording part of the device on her desk where it was sure to be able to get the signal. Sarah put the headphone part of the Dreamsight on her head, and was amazed at how comfortable they were. Of course they had to be or else no one would be able to sleep in them. Sarah laid her head down on her pillow, and after not sleeping for many days fell into a deep sleep almost immediately.

It was cold and dark. Above her there was a huge opening to what looked like a cave, or perhaps more like a man made tunnel. The opening had a sign above it, which simply stated "Afterlife". As dark as it was out here, the inside of the tunnel looked darker still the blackness seemed to permeate outwards enveloping everything around it. "Are you ready?" said a familiar voice behind her.

"Why are we here? What happened with my mom?" Sarah said anxiously, not wanting to go into the darkness"

"She's fine Sarah. And don't you want to see him?" Jeff came into her view, he was wearing a dark suit and tie. Sarah looked down at herself and found herself wearing a plain black dress. It almost felt that she was dressed for a funeral.

"See who?" Sarah felt like she already knew the answer to that question.

"Your daddy of course!"

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