Friday, November 04, 2011

Invisible, part 9

Sarah let the blackness of her dream take her over. She didn't fit it this time, her mind was too exhausted to struggle. The darkness was comforting to her somehow, if not a bit lonely. She waited with her mind quieted, and woke up the next morning as if she hadn't slept at all. She didn't feel well rested at all, and when she looked in the mirror she had dark circles under her eyes still. She sighed, and headed to work early.

In the employee break room, Jenn was sitting staring at her cellphone, her mind equal parts rage and sadness. She wanted to scream and throw her phone across the room, and then curl up in a ball and cry. While her mind was at war with itself, the door opened, startling Jenn so much she nearly fell out of her chair.

"Oh good morning Jenn." Sarah said quietly. She noticed the look of discontent on her new friend's face, and debated in her head about asking what was wrong. She didn't want to ask Jenn what was wrong if it would upset her more, but she also didn't want to seem like a bad friend by not asking at all. She settled by say, "Is everything alright?"

"He's a BASTARD!" Jenn let out a scream of rage. Sarah looked concerned, she didn't know who Jenn was talking about, but whoever it was had made Jenn absolutely livid. "He doesn't contact me for a whole year, and now he thinks he can have some part in my life? WHERE WERE YOU BEFORE DAD?"

Sarah took a deep breath, and sat down next to Jenn. She was nervous, but felt like she had to help her friend out in her time of need. "What happened Jenn?"

"My dad, he just texted me this morning. He said he wanted to see me. Well he wasn't there the whole time I was growing up, couldn't even show his face when I graduated from high school, and now he thinks he can just come back into my life like nothing happened? I don't think so DAD. The last time he even said anything to me was my birthday last year. He just sent me a card without even writing anything in it. He's not a real father. He doesn't deserve to be in my life." Jenn ranted, tears starting to well up in her eyes. Sarah gently put her hand on Jenn's shoulder, trying to do her best to comfort him.

"Maybe you should give him a chance?" Sarah said quietly.

"WHY SHOULD I?" Jenn yelled, and Sarah quickly pulled back.

"Umm well." Sarah stopped and took another breath. She was scared, but she knew she had to say something. "I never got to have a dad either Jenn. He died when I was really young. I wish I could see him now, but I know I'll never have that chance again. Your dad is trying to contact you now. Shouldn't you at least give him a chance?"

Jenn looked a bit less angry now, she just looked sad. "He walked out on me, my mom, and my little brother. Why didn't he give us a chance back then? He's nothing more than a sperm donor!"

Sarah stopped and thought about it for a second. She thought about how much she missed her own father, and how much Jenn's father probably missed her as well. "He's only human, Jenn. Maybe he's trying to make up for his mistakes now?" Sarah didn't know if she was giving the best advice, but she was trying her hardest. "You don't even have to see him right away, but at least you can try talking to him? I mean at least see why he's trying to contact you?"

Jenn's face twisted up in a look of confusion. She had hated her father for so long, it was hard for her to see him as anything but a terrible villain. Jenn didn't know if he really deserved a second chance, with his mistakes being so numerous and huge, but she could try. "Thanks Sarah, I'm not sure what I'll do, but thank you for trying to help." Jenn gave Sarah a hug. Sarah hadn't been expecting that to happen, but she accepted the hug and hugged Jenn back. She hoped greatly that she had been some comfort and help to her friend.

Jenn looked back down at her phone, and realized how late it was getting. "Oh man, we better clock in before we are late." Sarah walked to punch in with Jenn, feeling a bit closer to her than she had before. She smiled a bit to herself. She had never given herself the chance to be close to someone before, and it felt a bit nice. She was glad she could be there for someone else.

The work day flew by quickly, Sarah had started to pick up the in's and out's of working retail. She even managed to help a customer locate a sweater in her size, and she hadn't put away too many clothes in the wrong places. Sarah was enjoying her new job, and her new friends.

When she left work, Sarah heard her phone buzz. She looked at it, and realized she had gotten a text message from Jenn. "Emily and I are getting some coffee at Starbucks, want to join us?" Sarah quickly typed out "Sure!"

Sarah still had some doubts in her mind, as she drove to Starbucks. She had never thought that anyone would want to spend time with her, or enjoy her company. But she was glad that she had found two people who did.

She found Jenn and Emily sitting outside Starbucks, Emily was drinking a juice, mumbling about how anything with caffeine in it made her baby freak out. Sarah told them she was going to order a coffee and she'd join them in a second.

When she came back out Jenn was just finishing telling Emily about her father. "I think I might just go see him, just once. Just to see what he has to say.

"Oh if he hurts you I will send my goons after him!" Emily said enraged.

"You have goons?" Sarah laughed, getting used to Emily's randomness.

"You know it! I got connections" Emily winked.

The three friends laughed. Sarah felt like for the first time in her life, everything was perfect. Just enjoying the company of your friends, laughing the day away. The loneliness that had been in Sarah's heart for so long was starting to heal.

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