Tuesday, June 02, 2009

And she dreams of ninjas and pirates

So to begin with, this was the dream I had a few weeks ago. A good starting point I suppose. As good as any. Ok, so onto the dream...oh by the way, the picture is unrelated.

It was nightfall, me and fellow ninjas were headed down to the tavern The tavern was closed when we got there, apparently the owners had heard that pirates were on their way, we knew that we had to protect our village from the evil pirates.

So we hid in various places, but I decided to go for the pirate's ship, in hopes of stealing any of their treasure, as well as killing anyone still on board. I silently made my way to the boat, but as soon as I got on the boat a voice called out to me. A deep manly voice that said "Stay right where you are". I stood still, unable to believe that someone had seen me, especially since it was so dark. But I knew he had seen me when he emerged from the shadows and pointed his gun at me. This man I understood, must be the Captain of the pirates, although he still looked rather young. My heart was beating quickly in my chest, I had the feeling that my life was over. But the pirate didn't kill me, instead he said "I'm Captain Sparrow, Captain of this fine vessel."

I didn't say anything, but looked at him with hatred in my eyes. I was wondering why he hadn't killed me yet, he had plenty of time to. Why would he toy with me like this? Was this normal behavior for pirates? Was he going to capture me and torture me for information? "I will not tell you anything!" I finally said, "I'd rather die than tell a pirate scum like you anything."

"I don't want any information, my dear friend. When I first saw you, I could've killed you right away. I was trained in the ninja arts, even though I am a pirate. But I couldn't kill you, everything about you seemed so beautiful."

"You can't fool me with flattery!" I said, jumping out of my position and aiming a kick at his neck. Captain Sparrow grabbed my leg before I could reach him and flipped me upside down, holding onto my leg.

"I told you I was trained in the ninja ways!" Captain Sparrow smiled, flipping me the right way and grapping ahold of both my arms so I couldn't escape. He then leaned in and kissed me. His lips felt soft for a pirate, and my heart raced even faster. I couldn't believe this was happening. I tore myself away, and knowing I was unmatched for him, I quickly retreated.

I didn't tell any of my fellow ninjas what had happened, but they told me plenty. About how the pirates had been so strong they could hardly even beat them, and had eventually chased them back to their boat. This battle was just beginning, and it seemed like it was going to be a long one.

So our battle began against the pirates, we tried time and again to get close to their boat, but we were stopped everytime. The pirates seemed to have the upper hand, they had already plundered and burned several of the houses closest to the shore. We evacuated many of the citizens, but it seemed we would lose the battle. One particularly stormy night, the pirates decided to launch cannonballs at our village. We had to stop them, so we made our way to their boat. As I was running towards the boat, I felt someone grab me and pull me down.

"Shhh..." The familiar rough voice said. I struggled to get away. "I don't want to hurt you, I just want to talk" Captain Sparrow pulled me down and held me tight.

"I told you before I won't give you any information" I snarled at him.

"I told you that's not what I want. What I want is to know is you." I tried to figure out his angle, but I couldn't understand why he didn't just kill me. I just glared at him, not saying anything. "What is it so hard to believe that a pirate could have emotions? That a pirate could fall in love at first sight?"

I had never thought of pirates having emotions. They had always been an faceless evil force to me. I considered all of what he had said, and the unthinkable happened. That night, a pirate and a ninja became lovers.

Still the battle between ninjas and pirates raged on. I could no longer battle as I once did, I battled halfheartedly. I didn't want to hurt Captain Sparrow now. Many of my fellow ninjas noticed that I wasn't battling with my normal vigor, I used many excuses. In the end, I knew a cloud of suspicion was thrown over me. I continued to see Captain Sparrow every chance I could slip away.

Eventually, the worst happened. Captain Sparrow was captured. He was being held by a council of the ninja elders. I was called to the council because he had mentioned my name. The council came down on me hard asking "Do you know this man?" I told them no, with my eyes staring at the ground. "We had heard rumors, but if this is true..."

"Can I talk to you alone?" I cast my eyes on one of the elders who I was the closest to. Her eyes told me no, but before she could really answer, I took out a scroll of transportation I had, grabbed Captain Sparrow and her as I set off the scroll, transporting us away.

We arrived in a cave not far from the village. I kissed Captain Sparrow passionately, and we both looked at the elder. "Please understand, I do love him." I said. "I know something like this is normally forbidden, but it still happened. And I do love him."

Before I could plead anymore, Captain Sparrow had taken out his sword and had the elder's neck pinned by it. "Don't listen to the girl, she is stupid, she didn't realize I was using her for information."

"What?" I cried . "But...that can't be."

"I'm a pirate did you expect me to me honest with you?"

The elder didn't say anything all this time. I felt heartbroken, as I had really fallen in love with Captain Sparrow. I looked up at him, and he said "I am going to kill your elder, will you stop me?" I couldn't move I was so hurt. He pierced the elders neck with his sword, and she fell to the floor. I still couldn't say or do anything as he ran past me.

I carried the elder's body back towards the village. There I saw three of my fellow ninjas fending off a pirate attack. They had killed off one of them when they saw me carrying the body. They asked me what happened, but I still couldn't speak. They took the body from me, and while we weren't paying attention to the pirates one of them raced up to me. He pointed his sword right at me and asked "Aren't you going to defend yourself?"

A lot raced through my mind at that time, all I could say was "Please just kill me." The pirate didn't question it, and stabbed me through my heart. I felt such an intense pain, I instantly regretted not fighting back. It hurt so bad, but not as much as having my heart broken by Captain Sparrow had. The other ninjas killed the man who had stabbed me, and I heard them saying they could keep me alive temporarily with some of their ninja magic. I didn't know what happened next, everything went black.

I woke up sometime later, with my fellow ninjas over me, saying that they couldn't keep me alive much longer. They asked me for information about Captain Sparrow, but I couldn't think of anything to say. Instead I said, "This is all my fault...the elder dying...it was all me. I deserved to die. I wanted to die." Then everything went black again, and I knew I wouldn't wake up again.

Except I did, only I woke up for real. And that was the dream I had last night.

TL;DR, Ninjas vrs pirates in a Romeo/Juliet kind of story.

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