Thursday, June 18, 2009


Every Thursday, I post a short story I have written. This week is a story about the MMO zOMG.

Audra had just gotten off her third shift job at the local factory. She was exhausted, but she knew she wouldn't be able to sleep anytime soon. She put on her pajamas, and pulled her dark red hair back into a high ponytail. As Audra set her hazel eyes upon her laptop they grew wider with excitement. Audra was about to enter her own personal fantasy world.

After working hard at work 5 days a week, Audra loved to come home and enter the world of zOMG, her MMO of choice. It was a silly little MMO, one where you battled against the animate, objects that had come to life. In the short time since she discovered the game, it had become a major part of her life. Now instead of wondering when a TV show would come on, or if she should go out with her friends, she wondered when the next raid would be, or when the next expansion would come out. Audra knew it was silly, but she had immersed herself in the world of zOMG.

Audra logged on, and ceased to be Audra any longer. Now she was Stormy the vampire. Thinking of herself as Stormy made her very happy. Stormy took a look at her Clan forum. Clans were groups of players that played together in the game. Stormy was the Clan leader, and she only picked the very best for her clan. A new recruit for her clan, a player who called herself ThunderT, was online at this late hour. ThunderT was asking if anyone would like to farm with her. On online games, farming was when you went out and killed multiple monsters in order to gain levels. Eager to see how this new recruit could handle herself, Stormy sent her a message asking her to come to the Zen Garden.

The Zen Garden was a beautiful area, in perpetual spring, with Cherry Blossoms always blooming. Stormy loved to just walk here, staring at the amazing vistas, but she was here for another reason tonight. Soon ThunderT appeared and suggested they go to an area swarming with Kokeshi Dolls come to life.

Stormy and ThunderT began their battle against the dolls. Stormy was amazed how well the lower leveled TunderT was handling herself. She hardly needed any healing, due to her smart use of buffs. They battled for nearly an hour before they retreated to the safety of a nearby shrine.

"That was a really good battle ThunderT!" Stormy said. "I think that you'd make a good addition to our Clan."

"Oh rly?" ThunderT typed in chat speak, but Stormy didn't mind. "Id liek that vry much!"

"Yes! We'd love to have you. You'll have to work hard to level up some though."

"U no, I rly like this game. It rly helps u get closesr to ppl." ThunderT typed quickly.

Stormy didn't reply at first. Several fellow gamers had told her that they liked her before, and she was afraid that it was going to happen again. Stormy's real life was complicated, and she didn't really want an online romance. Especially not with one of her clan members. She played the game to escape from the drama of real life, she didn't need it evading her game as well.

"I have 2 tell u something." ThunderT didn't wait for a response.

"Ok?" Stormy sighed, and waited for ThunderT to tell her whatever it was.

"BRB" ThunderT typed instead.

Stormy blinked at her screen, and felt herself pulling away from the game, becoming Audra again. "Eh? Be right back? But I thought you had to tell me something?" Audra mumbled to herself. She looked at the time and realized how late it was. She just wanted to hear what ThunderT had to say then go to sleep. Instead Audra heard a knock on her bedroom door. "Eh? Come in!" she said loudly.

The door creaked open, and a red-headed teenage girl came in. "Hi mom." The girl said.

"What's up Tammy? You couldn't sleep?" Audra smiled at her daughter.

"Well, I just wanted to say I'm glad I could play zOMG with you tonight."

The End!
zOMG is a real game, connected to the website Gaia Online. You should check it out, it's a lot of fun to play.

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StormofStarzZ2 said...

zOMG.......awesome! Mostly this is a true story, so needless to say I love it!