Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I'm so crafty

Today, at my job {I'm a manager at a Taco Bell} a cop came through the drive thru. The following is a transcript of what happened.

COP: So how much will that be?

ME: Oh well that'll be free, for you. *over exaggerated wink*

COP: Oh that's nice of you...

ME: You look thirsty? You want one of these new Frutista Freezes? Strawberry Coladas are AWESOME

COP: Oh well...

ME: *gives her a frutista against her will*

COP: Uhh..thanks.

ME: See that car over there?

COP: *glares over at my awesome Ford Escort, and looks back at me with a look most people would confuse for not caring, but obviously she cares AT LOT ABOUT MY CAR*

ME: Yeah, that's my car.

COP: Ok...

ME: *hands her the food* Well just keep my car in mind, you know...*over exaggerated wink again*

COP: *just stares at me*

I am so crafty...I'll never get pulled over again now. MWAHAHAHHAHA

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