Sunday, June 28, 2009


So yesterday I went to the mall, with a mission. I was going to buy something expensive and awesome. I had $367. My journey began.

First I got a weird T-shirt

I don't know, I like vampires {not Twilight though, never read it}

Then I got a hoodie.
I like the strips on it. I have a thing for red an black together.

Then we went to the T-mobile kiosk and bugged the man about the new myTouch phone.

He wouldn't tell us anything. Not even how much it costs. Apparently no one knows. That's great T-Mobile! Don't tell us anything about your phone. See how many people will buy it. *angry face*

Then I finally went and got my big purchase for the day. Those of you following me on Twitter {all of you} already know what that purchase was!


Well not really, but a pony would be awesome. Really this is what I got.

A Lenovo Netbook! Costing me $299, I finished my day of extreme mall shopping. Hurray!


SwimOdin said...

How are you liking the Netbook so far? It's crazy how cheap they are, I just don't know if it's actually a good PC. Lemme know!

StormofStarzZ2 said...

You forgot the coffee that was most excellent AND you forgot to say "I" was with you.
I know why you like vampire things O.o *chuckles darkly and sharpens fangs with a Ferengi Tooth Sharpener*

StormofStarzZ2 said...

Oh and yeah......runs all over the house changing all the light bulbs with 40 watt bulbs
*chuckles darkly again*

stormoftara said...