Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why My TV Remote Doesn't Work

A short story by me! Pic unrelated

On a couch sat a young woman, with long blonde curly hair, gray-blue eyes, and a very pale complexion. Her eyes were cast downwards, staring at nothing. She seemed to be extremely upset about something. Something that was putting her at the edge of tears.

"Why?" she declared, clutching the TV remote in her hand. "Why can't I be happy?" Suddenly, as if the gods had finally decided to answer her prayers, the girl smiled. She felt a surge of happiness. The girl couldn't explain the feelings she was feeling, but she was so happy to finally be happy.

Meanwhile, in a lab hundreds of miles away, a woman sat in front of a computer screen. She had raven hair, pulled back in a bun, her green eyes staring intently at the flickering screen.

"Dr. Greene!" she cried. "Come look at this! Number 0567 has some weird numbers all of a sudden!"

The young woman was walking down the street smiling brightly. Then a ringing came from her purse. The girl froze, and paused for a moment before reaching to answer her cellphone. She looked at the familiar number of her ex-boyfriend, and cried, "Why do you keep calling me? I don't love you anymore!" The cellphone stopped ringing. The girl sighed, and the sadness she had felt melted away, and the happiness returned.

"What is it Alexis?" Dr. Greene said, strolling over wearing his trademark outfit of a long white lab coat and black pants. He had permanently messy brown hair, with piercing, almost haunting brown eyes behind a pair of stylish glasses.

"Doctor, Number 0567 is reacting so oddly. Look at her emotion meter. it is down at negative sixteen." Alexis said, with a great interest in her green eyes as she looked up at the doctor.

"Negative sixteen? She must be very upset..." he trailed off, seeing the number jump suddenly.

"5,392?" Alexis stammered. "Oh, my could this happen, how could she go from being so sad to so happy? Impossible..."

"Not at all Alexis, you know why we are studying these cases." Dr. Greene said, adjusting his glasses.


"Yes, let me explain."

The young woman arrived home again. She tried to turn on the TV with the remote, only to find that the batteries were dead. She picked up her cellphone to call her mom to tell her to pick up some batteries on her way home, only to see that her cellphone was not on.

"Huh," she said, trying to turn it on and failing, "but it had a full charge!"

She plugged in her cellphone anyway, and then tried turning it on again. Amazingly, now it worked. "Hmmm..." she said, shrugging it off as she dialed her mom's number.

"So then she takes the electric charge out of electronic devices an uses it to trick her mind into thinking she is happy?" Alexis said, fascinated.

"Basically." Dr. Greene said. "All the cases we study are of people who display a strong psychic ability of some kind."

"Well then doctor." Alexis said, pulling her hair out of it's bun. It cascaded down her shoulders, and almost seemed to glow in the dim light. "Why don't we go back to my place?"

She stood up, pulling him close to her. She was about to kiss him, when he suddenly said, "Sorry, I'm gay."


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